Monday, May 12, 2008

Mail Love Part 2

A few weeks ago I promised to show you some of the transfers I got in my big ebay purchase.
Well, our scanner isn't hooked up and we are having trouble with our Mac (which has photoshop on it), so I had to just take some regular ole photos of a few that I love.

I already have a super cool set of smaller, more childlike horoscope signs.
These new ones are larger and more stylized, but still very cool. I could see these on t-shirts or tote bags.

I don't really believe in astrology much, but I really do love the astrology themed transfer patterns I have been finding.


Early Bird Special said...

These are really wonderful! I think astrology is fun, and I don't take it seriously. Just for funsies. ;)

Hope you get your scanner fixed soon! ♥

Jacqueline said...

I hope you get your scanner fixed soon too... I'm a Virgo... would love to see what mine looks like... hint,hint...

So cool! Thanks for sharing!

Mymsie said...

Neato! I'm not a big astrology person either but I love that saucy lioness. :)