Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall trip to Ashland

We just got back from a lovely weekend trip to Ashland, Oregon. We saw two plays, looked around in shops, ate way too much great food, and enjoyed two of the best fall days I can remember in a long time. We walked around in Lithia Park, which a kind gentleman told us is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and was designed by the same park designer that created Golden Gate park in San Francisco. If you've never been to Lithia Park or Ashland, you are really missing a gem of Oregon and the West Coast. I love it there.

And during our walk we ran across a number of these guys, eating some breakfast in the morning sunshine along the creek. They were beautiful and not at all afraid of all the passers-by.

Fall Colors from Our Window

I love our view!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Biz Trip to Santa Monica

I had to go to Santa Monica again for work and W tagged along. It is already fall here in Oregon, so we were not prepared for 100 degree weather in LA! Even at the beach it was hot. But we had a good time despite the heat, and I got some good work done too.

Santa Monica is nice, but there are sooooo many people there. We were so happy to get back to Oregon. The moment we got off the plane we relished in the empty airport and clean air, and we headed straight for Laughing Planet for some good hippie food. It was heaven.

My First Craft Show

Hey Everybody,
here are a few pics from my first craft show! It was great fun and I did sell a few things, but most importantly I met great gals and got ideas for what I should do in the future. Come out for the next Meet Your Maker event (hopefully in November or December--I'll let you know!).