Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Keep these on your radar

There are several events coming up that you should keep on your radar, and they both occur on Friday, December 5th, so hopefully you can plan ahead and make it to all of them.

1. The third Meet Your Maker craft show/faire that yours truly is participating in is happening at the Broadway Wine Bar from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. I'm trying to get some holiday themed stuff ready, but we'll see....But it is the perfect place to find some holiday goodness.

2. Two of my very good friends, Becky and Claire, are in a show at the Jacobs Gallery (this website is terribly out of date and does not have the show details yet) that invited 30 artists to make ATC (artist trading cards) pieces. I've seen Becky's and they are AMAZING. Claire is a professional artist, so I know her pieces will be phenomenal as well. I believe the opening is from 5:00 to 8:00pm. All the pieces are for sale, so it will be another place to pick up a special something for that special someone.

3. Also, the stores downtown will be having their Christmas open house parties for First Friday They will all be open later and will have goodies and drinks and lots of things to buy! My aformentioned friend Becky works at a great downtown shop called PassionFlower. It is a beautiful shop and I dare you to find something you can't live without. They always put on a great party for the December holiday party.

So, get yourself out and about in Downtown Eugene on December 5th! You have no excuses.

Friendly Blogs Part 2

Ok, so here is another installment of my Friendly Blogs!

Today I want to tell you about my dear friend over at Jenny Lee Folwer.

Funnily enough, Jenny is actually my husband's high school sweet heart. They have remained good friends over the years and I gained her as a friend when W and I married (lucky me).

Jenny makes the most amazing paper cuttings and silhouettes. She made one of W for me that I gave him for our second anniversary.

She free cuts them with scissors from observing a photo of the person. Amazing? Yes!

I love just about everything she does. She uses some very creative materials for her work sometimes--feathers, bark, leaves, etc. Check out her ETSY shop!

Beyond being a talented crafter with unending energy, she is also an amazing mom of two and runs a small little farm in NY state (farm in my mind being anything with more than two cats--she has goats and chickens).

Cheers :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Awesome Giveaways on the Blogosphere!!!

So, as I mentioned before, I read ALOT of blogs. Most are crafty blogs, and they are always giving away amazing things to their readers.

I won two giveaways so far this year. One from the lovely heatherhalesdesigns and another from sweetjessie!

I want to tell you about a couple of giveaways that are happening right now on two amazing blogs/websites.

The first is at Indie Fixx, which is an amazing and resoursful crafty blog as well as an incredible indie handmade goods shop.
Check out their Autumn Cornucopia Giveaway which ends today! While you are there check out the shop and read the blog. You are bound to find something you cannot live without or need to make right away!

The second fantabulous giveaway is at another crafty blog and indie storefront. Modish is having the November November Giveaway. You can enter to win really awesome prizes now until the 16th! There are two ways to win, so click on over there and check it out. Also, look at the amazing indie handcrafted stuff they have!

OK, so get out there and read blogs and enter giveaways! It is your duty!

:) Cheers

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Friendly Blogs

I have so many blogs that I read now my Google Reader is overflowing with goodness. I decided I should try and share some of the goodness with others (those tiny few of you who read this little thing).

So, here is my first blog share.

I was so pleased to see that my new friend over at la petite vie blogged about the little acorn covered button pin I gave her for her 30th birthday. It matched an embroidered hankie she bought from me at my first meet your maker event in October.

(Photo via la petite vie)

Not only is this gal one of the organizers and founders of the new upstart Meet Your Maker indie craft show, but she also makes heavenly, all natural bath and body products and cleaning products. I bought the all purpose cleaner and LOVE IT!!! She is also the mother of one of the cutest little girls and a super fun girl to hang out with.

So, go on over to her blog and say hello. Maybe even check out her ETSY site or look to see when the next Meet Your Maker event is (December 5th) and help spread the word.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shoppe Update!

Hey everyone, I just listed all the onesies I have in my ETSY shop!

Last night I did my second Meet Your Maker event and sold two onesies! It was great fun. A good crowd. People are definitely starting to think about Christmas gifts. I'm going to do the December one too (on December 5th at the same place). So if you are around come on down!

:) Cheers

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

We had people over last night to either toast champagne or cry in our beers. I'm so elated this morning that we got to do the former rather than the later!

We live in a blue part of a blue state. But we were all watching the numbers as they came in and at 8:04pm pacific time the whole west coast of the political map simultaneously turned blue and the networks called it for Obama and we all cheered and cried. I'll never forget it.

I imagine this is how so many people felt when JFK was elected in 1960. A sense of hope. A sense that the youth matter in this country. A sense that things are going to change. A sense that anyone can make a difference.

Yes, yes we can.