Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

We had people over last night to either toast champagne or cry in our beers. I'm so elated this morning that we got to do the former rather than the later!

We live in a blue part of a blue state. But we were all watching the numbers as they came in and at 8:04pm pacific time the whole west coast of the political map simultaneously turned blue and the networks called it for Obama and we all cheered and cried. I'll never forget it.

I imagine this is how so many people felt when JFK was elected in 1960. A sense of hope. A sense that the youth matter in this country. A sense that things are going to change. A sense that anyone can make a difference.

Yes, yes we can.

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Katie said...

seriously, the most anti-climatic win ever. but damn, what a feeling! this is all so exciting, it has me feeling proud to be an american again. (CUE SONG)