Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This is just a little late, but better late than never!
O is a bit under the weather this week, but last weekend we finally made it to the pumpkin patch!

We had a great time and we got a little pumpkin for our pumpkin.

I'm not super big on Halloween, but we did get O a costume.

I think we've started a food theme with her so far. Dunno, if we'll keep it going again next year...perhaps...

:) Cheers

Time Heals All Wounds

Today is the two-year anniversary of our best friend Eric's suicide. It is not a nice day. I still can't believe I have a friend who committed suicide. Seems like something out of an after-school special. But, no, it is true, and real, and painful.

I miss him everyday. We used to chat on-line from our respective work-places. The last email I had from him was on November 3, 2008. We had Thanksgiving with our friends every year instead of family. I was starting to plan what pies to bake. He liked pumpkin. I sent him this image.

He replied: "That is so perfect! Cheers, E"

I keep the email saved in a special folder. It is the last thing he ever said to me.

Eric had a lot of struggles in life. I knew this. We were there for him when he needed us. I wish he had needed us more. I hope he is no longer in pain. I hope he is at peace. It just sucks that he had to leave us behind.

:) Cheers