Monday, June 30, 2008

Google suggests....

Look what Gmail just suggested for me....pretty good suggestion.

How does it know me so well?

A little creepy if you think about it.... :)

I just picked out the first patterns I want to get from this site!!!!

Feeling Stitchy Banner Contest

So, I finished my entry into the Feeling Stitchy Banner Contest.

I think it turned out ok. I have been obsessing with my vintage flashcards lately, so I fashioned the banner after one of them. I was hoping the flowered background on the fabric wouldn't show up so much when I scanned it, but oh well. I am going to try and take better pictures of it later tonight or tomorrow morning when the light is good.

Anyway, I'm mostly proud of myself for accomplishing something within a deadline. I've had trouble sticking to commitments lately, so finishing this in time made me smile.

I'm loving all the other entries too! Everyone is so clever, and what beautiful stitching as well! Good luck everyone! Thanks to Floresita for organizing the contest too! I love that we can interact with one another like this! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grand Opening!

Hooray!!!! Pimp Stitch is open for business! I know where my paycheck is going this week :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer has started....FINALLY!!!!

As those of you who live in the Northwest know, We had the LONGEST, FLIPPING Winter EVER!!! It was cold and snowing through Memorial Day weekend. It has been grey and cloudy for months and months. Our flowers and gardens and fruit trees were utterly stalled by the cool weather (so much so that our local CSA farm says that tree fruit does not look good this year). But FINALLY, FINALLY, the sun is poking its shy little face out from behind those grey clouds, and we are seeing the light once again.

Thank you sun for finally coming out. I missed you so.....

To coincide with the beginning of summer, we are on our first of many weekend trips with family. This weekend we are in Ashland with W's mom and her husband. We go to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival every year with them and it is truly a fun experience. Ashland is a great little town with lots of character and lots of culture. The plays are fantastic and the restaurants even better. We always stay in this quaint little hotel up above the shops on Main Street, the Columbia. Right next to the hotel is this awesome little shop called Prize that is a wonderful blend of vintage and new. It has a totally unique style that I wish I could emulate. Lithia Park is beautiful and a great place for an early morning walk where you might run into deer and other wildlife. We saw a great play and even had time to take in the Sex and the City movie in the evening.

At Prize, I poured over all the vintage flashcards, posters, and other educational ephemera the owners have collected and decided to get some for myself.

I got these small flashcards thinking I would use the images as embroidery patterns first and then find some kind of other project to do with them. Here are three that I picked up.

Then I got these larger posters to frame and decorate our kitchen with. I think they are so cool.

I have some more of the smaller flashcards that I'll share with you later.

All in all a great weekend and glad to be home now. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost Fans?

Lost numbers tshirt for 12 month old
Originally uploaded by lucky lisp

W and I are totally hooked on Lost. We've been watching it on DVD, so we are not caught up with the 4th season yet (DON'T GIVE ME ANY SPOILERS), but we are going to try and catch up over the summer if they rerun it so we can watch the 5th season with everyone else.

I made this for some friends who are also Lost fans. They commissioned it for their own friend's little one. I think it turned out pretty well. Was pretty easy to do once I found the right font.

I think I might do a whole series of t-shirts for tv junkies.
Anyone into Battle Star Galactica (another show we are watching on DVD--only on the 2nd season so far though)? How about a t-shirt that says "I'm Frackin' Cute" or "Cutest Cylon Ever"?

What other tv shows would make good t-shirts?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mini Moo

Lookie, Lookie what I got in the mail today. My little minicards from Moo came!
I have a million ideas for what I could do with these minicards from Moo, but I started with just making some little tags for my embroidery goods on ETSY. I'm very pleased. They are just so cute.

Next I want to make some with some pictures on them.
I also want to try out the stickers. I think my little nephews would get a kick out of a sticker book where the stickers are all pictures of our family members.

More Free Goodies from Pimp Stitch

Another cutie pie embroidery pattern form Pimp Stitch in anticipation of their website launch at the end of June... I can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

I'm super excited to have another source for new, modern, hip embroidery patterns. As much as love my vintage ones, modernizing embroidery has been a life long dream of mine. And with the awesome new designers out there embracing embroidery, it is finally coming true!!!! Speaking for those of us who like to embroidery, but can't draw, We Salute You! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Grand Opening

Hello all,
I'm finally announcing the "grand opening" of my ETSY store SmartyPants by LuckyLisp. I've been planning it for nearly a year now, but I tend to move at the pace of a turtle (or something slower than a turtle) at times, so I am now just getting to this.

My store features all hand-embroidered items, mostly onesies right now, but may include some other crafty items in the future (I have a few things in mind that are non-embroidery related).

And I am pleased to announce that I have also just had my first sale at my store this very morning!!! I sold this little birdie onesie.

I also just became a licensed merchant of Sublime Stitching patterns, so I will be putting up a bunch more onesies with Sublime patterns on them in the very near future.

So far I pretty excited with the upcoming possibilities on ETSY.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Embroidery Site

Calling all stitchers!!!!!!

Thanks to my Google Reader I saw this post at Craft Magazine as it was posted (I keep my Reader open in a tab at work and see the posts as they pop up--although I don't always read them immediately).

Anyway, it looks like there is going to be a new embroidery web site, Pimp Stitch, coming soon at the end of June and they are posting free embroidery patterns from their designers on their blog from now until the web site launches.

Here is a photo from the site of the first pattern by designer Missy Balance!
I'm a total sucker for embroidery patterns and so far I think they are super cute!
Check it out!