Thursday, June 5, 2008

Grand Opening

Hello all,
I'm finally announcing the "grand opening" of my ETSY store SmartyPants by LuckyLisp. I've been planning it for nearly a year now, but I tend to move at the pace of a turtle (or something slower than a turtle) at times, so I am now just getting to this.

My store features all hand-embroidered items, mostly onesies right now, but may include some other crafty items in the future (I have a few things in mind that are non-embroidery related).

And I am pleased to announce that I have also just had my first sale at my store this very morning!!! I sold this little birdie onesie.

I also just became a licensed merchant of Sublime Stitching patterns, so I will be putting up a bunch more onesies with Sublime patterns on them in the very near future.

So far I pretty excited with the upcoming possibilities on ETSY.


Lori said...

That's so cool that you already have a sale!

And also that you've put yourself "out there."

Katie said...

hey kim! it' katie. just checking out your blog, congrats on the sale, i forwarded your email to all of my friends with babies. well, my one friend with a small baby. but you know what i mean!


sewitsforyou said...

very cute! I was so excited when I got my first sale. Great job and good luck