Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the Middle

I officially turned 35 on Saturday. I'm at the top of the hump of the 30s. But I have a feeling the ride down the other side on the way to 40 will be OK.

To celebrate my birthday we had planned a family trip to Portland to visit friends while W went to a coin show with his dad. Unfortunately, our friends got sick, so O and I stayed home. But the next day W had something up his sleeve. W is a wonderful man, but sometimes lacks something in the gift department. This year he out did himself. He planned a treasure-like hunt of events for me, ending in a great dinner with our friends and WITHOUT the baby! It was great. I got to hang with my best friend, eat and drink great food, and shop! It was great. Oh, did I say that already? It really was.

This week the weather is CRAPPY and COLD. I'm not physically or mentally prepared for winter. I still need some more fall. Winter just makes me want to sit in our condo, listen to the rain, and watch reality tv.

Halloween is this coming weekend and we have a great costume for O. Pictures will be posted! We never got to the pumpkin farm this year. It just never worked out and then the weather got bad. Oh well. Next year.

This is what O has been up to lately. She is growing leaps and bounds and learning things everyday.

Budding Artist


Getting her morning quotes

Fluffy Bunny
I guess that is all from the homefront.

Cheers :)