Friday, August 31, 2007

When Pigs Race...

In a previous post I mentioned that one of our activities this summer was going to the Lane County Fair. We really only go to the fair to look at the animals. I can't go on any of the rides because of my severe motion sickness, and let's face it, the entertainment at the county fair is usually a few generations older than us 30 somethings--although last year Loverboy was at the fair and that was getting a little too close to being of my era. You know you are old when the bands of your youth are playing the county fair....

Anyway, we had a great time looking at all the cool animals.

The funniest thing at the fair, as far as animals are concerned, was the Great Alaskan Pig Races. This was a very contrived show of little piglets racing around a little track and jumping over little hurdles.

The funniest thing about it wasn't really the pigs--although they were really cute. No, the funniest thing was the carny family that ran the show. The emcee seemed to be the oldest son, while the two younger boys hearded the pigs in and out of the racing stalls and gave them cookies as incentive. We didn't see the parents, but I'm sure they were there behind the scenes somewhere or over in the gift area where you could purchase pig racing mechandise. All in all they put on a good show.

Finally we briefly looked at some of the art work and the vegetable and farm displays. I think I've decided to enter something for next years fair. The needlework section of the crafts was sorely lacking. I would love to say that I won first place in something at the county fair. Since I don't have a garden to grow a huge cucumber, I think I'll make some kind of tapestry or maybe bake a pie...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chicken Romances

I have been collecting lots of embroidery transfer patterns lately. Here are two that I recently picked up. They are a variation on a pattern i already have called Chicken Romance. See here for great examples of the original patterns from this fantastic embroidery Blog:

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It is I Captain Vegetable!

I have a problem, a vegetable problem. We live in a community that is devoted to locally grown produce, farm stands, and farmer's markets. The Lane County Farmer's Market happens three times a week during the summer, and we subscribe to a once-a-week CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box. This all adds up to lots of vegetables and fruit in our home.

Here is one of our typical CSA boxes. There are usually about 8-10 different items each week. It is about enough to feed a family of 4 for the week, so we share it with our dear friends.

I supplement our box with what I buy at the Farmer's Market each week. I get a little vegetable drunk at the Farmer's Market. Everything is so pretty and colorful. I get dizzy and start buying everything.

And the fruit, my God, the FRUIT! I can't get enough of the berries and melons and peaches.

Saturday Market in particular is great fun. In addition to the vegetables, there are crafts and food and music and alot of both young and aging hippies. I like to get there early before the crowds though.

All in all, summer and fall in Eugene are great for veggie lovers.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Time is the Best Oregon

One best kept secrets about the Northwest is that it really doesn't rain as much as people think it does, and the summer and fall weather is to die for. Ok, now that I've let the cat-out-of-the-bag everyone is going to want to move here. Well, everyone already IS moving here, so i think i can safely share with you the joys of our Oregon summer this year.

So far, W and I have have a really busy summer. We've had lots of family and friend events and a nice handful of small weekend trips to amuse ourselves with.

We met this little guy at the Hight Desert Museum in Bend. He's a little hard to see until you look closer. We've been to this museum twice in the last four years, and our favorite part is always the animals and outdoor exhibits.

Bend used to be a cool mix of blue collar cowboys and outdoor types, but now, with the influx of a lot of So. Cal. money and people it feels very touristy and at times fake. But it is fun to walk around the downtown and look at the fancy shops, and the parks around the Deschutes River are great.

We headed back up to the Bend area later in July when W's sister and her family came up from San Diego to visit. W's mom has a "cabin" in Sisters, Oregon--another kinda weird touristy town, but in a very deliberate Old West theme. The view of the Cascades makes up for its cheesyness

It is very relaxing there. I think this look on W's face says it all.

Near Sisters is the Metolius River. It is gorgeous to say the least. We visited a fish hatchery there. It sounds boring, but it is really fun to see all the fish, especially the little frys.

Here we are again out in the great outdoors at Shalalie Falls.

Next on our summer agenda, the Oregon coast, the Lane County fair, our yearly trip to Ashland for culture, the Eugene Celebration, and a weekend in Seattle.