Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Time is the Best Time...in Oregon

One best kept secrets about the Northwest is that it really doesn't rain as much as people think it does, and the summer and fall weather is to die for. Ok, now that I've let the cat-out-of-the-bag everyone is going to want to move here. Well, everyone already IS moving here, so i think i can safely share with you the joys of our Oregon summer this year.

So far, W and I have have a really busy summer. We've had lots of family and friend events and a nice handful of small weekend trips to amuse ourselves with.

We met this little guy at the Hight Desert Museum in Bend. He's a little hard to see until you look closer. We've been to this museum twice in the last four years, and our favorite part is always the animals and outdoor exhibits.

Bend used to be a cool mix of blue collar cowboys and outdoor types, but now, with the influx of a lot of So. Cal. money and people it feels very touristy and at times fake. But it is fun to walk around the downtown and look at the fancy shops, and the parks around the Deschutes River are great.

We headed back up to the Bend area later in July when W's sister and her family came up from San Diego to visit. W's mom has a "cabin" in Sisters, Oregon--another kinda weird touristy town, but in a very deliberate Old West theme. The view of the Cascades makes up for its cheesyness

It is very relaxing there. I think this look on W's face says it all.

Near Sisters is the Metolius River. It is gorgeous to say the least. We visited a fish hatchery there. It sounds boring, but it is really fun to see all the fish, especially the little frys.

Here we are again out in the great outdoors at Shalalie Falls.

Next on our summer agenda, the Oregon coast, the Lane County fair, our yearly trip to Ashland for culture, the Eugene Celebration, and a weekend in Seattle.


Melissa said...

i'm envious. it's 112 degrees today in phx. mel

chris said...

hey I just checke dthis email account and found this blog..right on!!!!!! good to see you guys cool pics!!