Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Friendly Blogs

I have so many blogs that I read now my Google Reader is overflowing with goodness. I decided I should try and share some of the goodness with others (those tiny few of you who read this little thing).

So, here is my first blog share.

I was so pleased to see that my new friend over at la petite vie blogged about the little acorn covered button pin I gave her for her 30th birthday. It matched an embroidered hankie she bought from me at my first meet your maker event in October.

(Photo via la petite vie)

Not only is this gal one of the organizers and founders of the new upstart Meet Your Maker indie craft show, but she also makes heavenly, all natural bath and body products and cleaning products. I bought the all purpose cleaner and LOVE IT!!! She is also the mother of one of the cutest little girls and a super fun girl to hang out with.

So, go on over to her blog and say hello. Maybe even check out her ETSY site or look to see when the next Meet Your Maker event is (December 5th) and help spread the word.


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Anonymous said...

I'm blushing! Thanks, Kim!