Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Keep these on your radar

There are several events coming up that you should keep on your radar, and they both occur on Friday, December 5th, so hopefully you can plan ahead and make it to all of them.

1. The third Meet Your Maker craft show/faire that yours truly is participating in is happening at the Broadway Wine Bar from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. I'm trying to get some holiday themed stuff ready, but we'll see....But it is the perfect place to find some holiday goodness.

2. Two of my very good friends, Becky and Claire, are in a show at the Jacobs Gallery (this website is terribly out of date and does not have the show details yet) that invited 30 artists to make ATC (artist trading cards) pieces. I've seen Becky's and they are AMAZING. Claire is a professional artist, so I know her pieces will be phenomenal as well. I believe the opening is from 5:00 to 8:00pm. All the pieces are for sale, so it will be another place to pick up a special something for that special someone.

3. Also, the stores downtown will be having their Christmas open house parties for First Friday They will all be open later and will have goodies and drinks and lots of things to buy! My aformentioned friend Becky works at a great downtown shop called PassionFlower. It is a beautiful shop and I dare you to find something you can't live without. They always put on a great party for the December holiday party.

So, get yourself out and about in Downtown Eugene on December 5th! You have no excuses.


Katie said...

sweet kim! all of this sounds really cool. thanks for the updates, i really wouldn't know about any of this stuff if it weren't for you informative blog!

Anonymous said...

"holiday goodness" - LOVE it! I love the festive season with everything Christmas-sy, its great!