Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Resolutions

So, I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but I'm so excited that spring is finally here that I've decided to make some creative "Spring Resolutions."

1. I am going to (try) and post on this blog once a day.
2. I am going to (try) and create at least one new onesie/embroidery project each week, hopefully more.
3. I am going to (try) and post at least one new photo to flickr each day.
4. I am going to (try) and write at least one new story a week.

These, plus trying to decorate and refurbish our condo will be my creative goals for the month of April. Follow along and see if what I accomplish.

And because a blog post needs a picture.....
Here is how the AeroGarden looks after two weeks and two days!

1 comment:

Jenny Fowler said...

I love this idea. Spring is really when your head is full of all this stuff anyway, right? Last year I gave myself a new resolution each month. I'd like to read those stories sometime!