Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary Sweety

Happy Anniversary Sweety, originally uploaded by lucky lisp.

W and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary last week. Last year we took a big trip up to Hood River and stayed in a fancy hotel and had a great meal. Only problem was that W was sick as a dog, and then we got in a huge fight when we were driving through Portland and we got lost and W ran a red light and we almost died (I exagerated the dying part a bit, but it was scary). So this year, we decided to stay close to home and just have a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant and the place we got married, Adam's Place. We had a wonderful meal and our friend who works there even kicked in a chocolate volcano to complete it.

I know that your 1st anniversary is Paper, but I decided to buck the system and get W paper this year instead of Cotton, the traditional gift for your second anniversary (honestly, who makes these up?!?) I had this silhouette of W custom made by our good friend who free cuts these by observing photos. I think she is absolutely amazing. Check out her on ETSY at Moment's Momentos. I just love it and so did W.

Next anniversary, LEATHER!

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