Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Accomplishments

We had a great Fourth Weekend. We stayed in on the night of the 4th cause we wanted to see if we could see the fireworks from our 8th story condo. And boy could we. Not only could we see Eugene's fireworks display down by the river, but we could also see about 6 other fireworks displays in surrounding little towns. It was really really cool. We tried to take pictures, but it is REALLY hard to take pictures of fireworks with a little point and shoot camera. These were the best ones.

Accomplished some, but not all of my list....

1. Strawberry freezer jam (finished last night)
2. 3 embroidered onesies for friends who have friends who are having babies (3/4 done on one, not started on the other two yet)
3. finish painting the hallway and touch up areas (finished this one as I was writing this)
4. buy a drill and wall shelves and hang them in living room (nope)
5. buy white trim paint--start trim painting (nope)
6. buy chalkboard paint--paint cupboard doors (nope)
7. attend friend's art opening (tried, but she was not there...)
8. attend friends' concert (flaked)
9. prepare finished onesies for consignment (nope)
10. misc. craft project--candle holders, frame posters, friends' wedding present, etc. (nope)
11. get car tuned up and ready for CA trip next weekend (done)
12. blog new crafting projects (nope)

Here are some other things I did accomplish this weekend:
1. Got started on 3 embroidered onesies

2. Went thrift shopping with my friend and got this beautiful embroidered pillow cover and several cute embroidery patterns

3. I bought this awesome retro floor lamp at Target

4. I used some of my new Hambly Hand Silk Screened Rub-ons to decorate some vases (more to come in another blog soon)

5. and I swear my tomatoes grew like 3 inches

All in all, not a bad weekend.
Hope yours was productive too!

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Claudia said...

you were busy!
i love how your vases turned out, those rub-ons are very adorable and so affordable too... ok, i'm rhyming that means i need to go get so sleep :D