Thursday, July 17, 2008

Choices Choices Choices

Curtian Choices
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I'm picking out curtains for the condo. I've narrowed it down to 6 fabrics from Urban Outfitters.

The top one I think is my final choice for the living room. I've been looking at it for awhile, and I just love the details.

The second is my number one pick for the second bedroom/office. I'm imagining it against blue walls. This color pallette is very influenced from Wes Anderson's last movie, The Darjeeling Limited, where the blues and oranges and greens of India were burned into my brain.

The third choice is my new favorite for the master bedroom.

The fourth and fifth choices are the same pattern but in different colors. I think I like the green best. This is my second choice for the master bedroom.

The sixth pattern is something I just can't let go. There is something about it that intrigues me. I could see using it in either of the bedrooms. Would it go with yellow walls? That is my other paint color choice for the office.

Oh, so many beautiful fabrics and only 3 rooms with curtains!
What do you guys think?


Tammy said...

Trees! I pick the trees!

Katie said...

i don't know if this is too delayed of a comment... but i personally like the fourth and sixth designs (from the top)... i love green and i love that design. i love the last one because the trees remind me of fall, just before winter, before it starts to REALLY get cold. :)