Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Last Fling of the Summer

With the first day of fall just around the corner, W and I set out on our last big trip of the summer. I had given my darling husband Mariner's tickets for his birthday way back in July, and we decided to make a weekend trip out of it. We had ventured to Seattle back in April to see Morrissey in concert and had so much fun we wanted to return and explore this great city some more.

W and I as we set out on our journey in our trusty little car, Speedy.

W enjoying a sandwich I packed for lunch on the way to Seattle. We didn't know where to stop to eat our picnic, so we took an exit for a state park in Washington. The picnic area turned out to be a little sketchy area by a river under the freeway. We quickly ate our lunch and laughed about how it was something our parents would have done.

The Seattle skyline is impressive.

Saturday night was warm and the sun came out just as it was setting (typical). We walked around the waterfront.

The next morning was cool and drizzly. Nothing a big cup of hot Seattle coffee couldn't overcome.

The flowers at Pike's Market were beyond gorgeous.

We decided to walk to the Stadium from Pike's Market. It looks really far, but it didn't take us very long, and we got to walk through Pioneer Square and some really neat parts of town along the way. We got there in record time.

I had never been to a professional sports facility. Very impressive and expensive.

While at the game I pitched in and caught a ball out in left field.
Ichiro was quite appreciative.

The next morning we tried to catch the monorail over to Seattle Center to go to the Space Needle and a record store the W is in love with. Alas, the elusive monorail was having electrical difficulties, so we decided to scrap the Space Needle and head home to our kitties (who didn't seem to miss us much when we finally did get there). It was a fun trip, but we were happy to get home in the end.

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