Monday, September 10, 2007

Celebrate Good Times, Eugene Style

The Eugene Celebration has come and gone again this year and I forgot to bring my camera...Alas, it was much fun.

W and I headed out Friday night to catch a band called the Brunettes. They were a cute band of Kiwis (from New Zealand) in which the two lead singers were husband and wife. They sang cute songs about love and falling in love. I just know this is W's secret desire for us--too bad I can't sing...or am from New Zealand...

On Saturday I took in the Parade with several of our friends who have kids. It was so much more fun to watch the crazy floats and people from the innocent eyes of one-, four-, and seven-year-olds. The parade is always fun.

On Saturday night W and I hit downtown again and had dinner at Steelhead (with our dear friend Becky) and then drinks at our favorite new watering hole, Davis'. At the bar we met an Irish fellow who was traveling through the US in a van and just happened to break down in Eugene during the Celebration. We have a hilarious story involving a completely drunk middle age couple accosting the Irish fellow and asking him to "say something in Irish." It really needs to be told in person, so next time you see us, ask us about it...

On Sunday, we grabbed some lunch and took in the community and craft booths and watched the beginning of the pet parade. The pet parade is mostly dogs, but there was a rat and a handful of birds to represent other species. No cats. I think that goes without saying.

All in all it was a great celebration. Until next year, when I promise I will take pictures.

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Melissa said...

I miss John Henry's. I miss blue grass and hippie bands, too. And surf punk. And meat on a stick. Mel