Thursday, September 23, 2010

Steal This Blog!

I have several hundred blogs in my Google Reader. I don't ever get around to reading them all, but there are a dozen or more that I read religiously!

Today I want to tell you about a blog you should be reading. A blog that I often wish was mine.

Candace at Sparkle Power combines the perfect amount of personal life, crafts, design, business, and great looking photography to give you a true sense of who she is and how she lives her life.

I must admit I'm just a little stalkery about her blog. It is one I always look for on my reader feed, and one that has inspired me to do many things. She is super crafty and has an amazing design sense.

I've purchased three prints from Sparkle Power's ETSY shop to put in Olive's room.

And another three prints from her husband Dylan's ETSY shop for our music nook in the living room.

And Candace's experience with encouraged me to try it for myself. So far I have more than 2,200 swagbucks just by searching the internet and doing silly stuff online I would normally do. I'm going to trade them in for dollars and buy supplies for my much, much neglected aerogarden.

Psst. (You can check out swagbucks yourself by using the little button here on my blog. If you do, use me as a referral and we¹ll both earn bucks just by dicking around on the internet!)

Finally, Candace is a mother of two beautiful little girls, and from what I can tell by reading her blog, a thoughtful, kind, and loving mother. But, also an honest one, who tells it like it is in good and bad times. As someone who is just learning this motherhood gig, it is so nice to read about the paths other moms have already forged.

So, check out Sparkle Power! I think it is worth it.

Cheers :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog rec....b/c I really needed another blog in my reader. ;) Ah, the good ol days when I could spend so much time reading other people's blogs.

Miss Rebecca said...

I'll check her out! And I'm gonna check out swagbucks too!

smartypants said...

Reb, Totally do swagbucks--it is a super easy way to gain a little extra freebies doing what you would normally do on the internet. You just have to remember to use their search engine and check the home web site often for free bucks, etc. It is pretty awesome!

Candace said...

Awww this is so sweet!!! You totally made my day! Thank you so much & Hooray for swagbucks!