Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vintage Flash Card Love

Every summer we go to Ashland, Oregon with W's Mom and take in the Shakespeare Festival. I have been doing it every summer (and sometimes fall) since I met W 6 years ago.

About 4 or so years ago, the cutest little shop called Prize popped up near the hotel we always stay at. It is a great mix of vintage and kitsch and retro. They always have the best selection of vintage flash cards there, and I've been known to pick up one or two nearly every time we visit.

You may remember these large poster size flash cards we decorated our kitchen with...

But I bought a series of smaller flashcards as well. I bought them with the intension of using them as embroidery patterns. And here, I know have something to show for my intensions.

(please excuse the terrible photos--the sun refuses to shine in the mornings these days)

I made these framed pieces using the flashcards as the embroidery patterns. I stitched them on raw linen and then framed them in these 5x5 wood frames I found in the Target dollar bin last year (for dollar bin items they are actually really nice--made of real wood with glass).

I really like the way they turned out. I am going to make some more wall art series with some of the other flashcards I got. I have a bunch more and am bound to get even more when we are in Ashland next week for this summer's trip! I can't wait!

:) Cheers

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Anonymous said...

These are super cute! I love vintage flash cards too, which is funny because I don't like flash cards for kids. Ha!