Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Improvements

We FINALLY finished painting and organizing what we are calling the "Officery." It is the shared room that will be both W's office space and the new baby's nursery. I had picked out the colors and purchased the paint and curtains long before we got pregnant, so I wasn't going to change them. But I think they turned out really well anyway.

This little corner is the only part of the nursery that is furnished and decorated now. We are getting a crib from some friends soon and that will occupy the wall opposite of this.

The windows let in a lot of light in the morning so I backed the curtains with blackout panels to help make it darker and also to keep it cooler in the summer. We're going to put an airconditioner in the low window to help with the air circulation in this room.

Keeping W's office space contained in these shelves and desk area is going to be a great feat, but I'm hoping we can make it work. Once baby is bigger W will have to make sure his stuff is all up high and out of reach.

The kitties love the morning sun in this room.
Now, onto our own bedroom!!!!!

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