Friday, April 3, 2009

My Friend

Today would have been my friend Eric's 42nd birthday. I say would have been because he has been missing with no trace of his where-abouts or what happened to him since November 8, 2008. We don't know what has happened to him, but it seems to have turned into criminal investigation involving a man he lived with in Portland.

Eric, W and I were like the three muskateers for the first 2 years W and I were together. We did everything together. We met nearly every Sunday for breakfast. We went out nearly every Wednesday for martini night. We watched his parrot. We had Thanksgiving together. He was our family.

Eric lived through some gnarly stuff in his life. But through all his troubles he was a loyal friend and a member of our extended family. We miss him very much and hope we have some resolution sooner rather than later.

Happy Birthday to my Fo Shizzle!

Eric, W, and I in better times. We love you Fo!

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Andria and Co. said...

Happy birthday to him... I can't imagine losing someone, and not knowing their fate. Thoughts and prayers for all involved...