Monday, October 15, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

Every year since W and I met (that's four long, glorious years for those of you that are counting), we have visited Lone Pine Farm in October. Our first year together, we actually got a good-sized pumpkin and carved it. Since then, we have continued to purchase the pumpkin, but have foregone the carving part. This year, I had a coupon for a free pumpkin from another farm down the way, so we got our pumpkin from there.

Here is our appropriately apartment-sized pumpkin for this year.

At Lone Pine Farm they have goats and ponies and alpacas to look at and feed. We actually didn't get too close to the animals this year. Since W had that weird asthma attack after all the animals at the county fair, we were leary of getting too close to them...

Here are some goats that were begging to be fed.

It was a beautiful fall day. A perfect day to go to the farm. I'm glad we went, cause it started to rain the very next day and isn't supposed to stop for a week...ah, Oregon...

Here are some big piles of pumpkins from our outing.

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